Trends in technology that companies have to implement

The Covid-19 pandemic affected companies around the world, which is why technology gained great relevance

2020 was marked by the contingency of the Covid-19, this situation affected all Business Worldwide. The trademarks they had to shift all their strategies to digital platforms.

This transformation showed the big technical problems presented by most of the companies, which were not prepared for a change.

“2020 was a year in which circumstances forced companies to adopt measures for which perhaps they were not yet prepared, and they had to accelerate all their processes towards a clear digital transformation”, stated Francisco Cruz, General Director of OTRS Group at Mexico.


According to specialists, 2021 will also be marked by the technological advance, so those Business that are not adapted will not be able to survive another year.

Next, we present the trends that will mark the new normal and that will have to implement the SMEs if you want to succeed in this new year.

Digital presence

It is no longer an option for businessRather, it is a necessity to be visible to consumers.

“Only organizations that modernize and adapt to digital integration to improve their operations and customer service will be able to be successful in 2021,” said OTRS Group.

Business customer service

Due to the isolation, the service that the customer may have from a distance will be essential for the growth of a brand. In the absence of face-to-face contact, it is essential that people feel that they are an important part of the Business.

The proper use of tools such as email, telephone and social networks will be essential for any business.

Business support at home office

According to experts the home office it will continue to be one of the constants in the work, that is why people have the necessary support to fulfill their tasks.

“If technical problems arise, productivity loss can quickly occur, so companies should review how to provide a remote help desk”

Using the cloud

cloud companies

With the remote work it will be essential that Business use the advantages offered by the cloud to share and save files.

“Having this type of technology in your company will greatly facilitate the workflows and the continuity of the projects. Team collaboration will also work better ”

New organization in companies

With the home office the Business they have been forced to change their organizational form by creating new work plans.

Now workers face new challenges and must be able to balance their personal and work life. In this sense, it is important that companies promote mental health care, since there are no other aids such as recreation or sports activities.

In this sense, talks have been disseminated online or even active breaks have been recommended that people can do at home and reduce stress.

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