Tracker Detect | Apple launches app on Android to locate AirTags


To prevent Android users from being tracked without their consent with AirTags, Apple launches Tracker Detect

Manzana surprised his followers by launching his AirTags, they are devices that help to find certain objects. However, these elements have been used improperly.

According to some reports some people place the AirTags in someone else’s backpack, car, or wallet to discover the owner’s location without their consent.

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If the user did not have a team of Manzana it was difficult to discover this object, which is why the company decided to launch a app on Android that allows you to locate this device.

Tracker Detect is an application that is available on Android that allows you to find the AirTags quickly and conveniently, without the need to use a iPhone or any other Cupertino device.

It is a free application that can be used on devices with Android 9 or later.

“Tracker Detect gives Android users the ability to search for a Find My compatible AirTag or trackers. That they could be traveling with them without your knowledge. We are raising the level of privacy for our users and the industry, and we hope others will follow. “

How does Tracker Detect work?

Tracker Detect allows to register new AirTags, rename them, generate alerts in case of loss and see everything we have on the map to control personal items.

“Unlike iOS, Tracker Detect will not do background searches for AirTags, rather the search will have to be done manually”

Apple Android AirTags App

Once installed, the user is alerted if an unknown AirTag is detected. If the tracking takes 10 minutes, you can ring the AirTag to locate it.

“The next step after finding it is to communicate with your smartphone. You will then receive instructions on how to remove the battery and turn it off “

Three days after its launch it was reported that it already has more than a thousand downloads in the Google play store. It should be noted that you do not need an Apple account to use Tracker Detect.

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