Total Solar Eclipse: All about the last astronomical event of the year

A few weeks ago we experienced the last partial lunar eclipse of the year and now it is the turn of the last total solar eclipse. This astronomical event is by far one of the most impressive and spectacular to be experienced during the holiday season, so if you don’t want to miss it, check out everything you need to know about it below.

When will the last total solar eclipse of 2021 occur?

The next Saturday, December 4 the Moon will come between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the light on the planet and casting an extensive shadow on the surface, darkening the day for a few minutes. This astronomical phenomenon is known as total solar eclipse.

Also, the Moon, being smaller than the Sun, will draw a glowing ring in the sky, also known as “ring of Fire”.

Total solar eclipse that will occur on December 4 in Antarctica - Hola Telcel blog

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The event will last approximately two hours, from 1:00 am to 2:06 am, Mexico City time. Its maximum point will be at 1:30 am, when the Moon will completely cover the Sun. Then you ask yourself, how is it that a total solar eclipse will occur at dawn? This is because it will happen on the other side of the world, when on that side it is day and here it is night.

Where can the total solar eclipse be seen?

The eclipse can only be seen in its entirety in Antarctica and partially in the extreme south of Australia, Africa and America. This means that New Zealand, Namibia, Cape Town in South Africa; Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina and the Falklands, will be the lucky places where you can witness the last eclipse of the year.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon interposes between the Sun and the Earth.- Blog Hola Telcel

But do not worry, NASA will have it broadcast live and direct for the whole world to witness the great solar eclipse from the Union glacier, located in Antarctica.

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Now you know, the year is about to end, but first it will give us one of the most incredible natural spectacles. So mark on your calendar the early morning of December 4 and enjoy the last solar eclipse of the year as if you were in Antarctica. 🥶

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