TONE Free FP | LG hearing aids that self-sterilize


LG introduced its TONE Free FP wireless headphones with a new whisper mode and sterilization system

LG surprised its users by presenting their TONE Free FP headphones, it is about wireless headphones with a new whisper mode and a sterilization system.

This new range includes the FP5, FP8 and FP9 models, the headphones They arrive with audio, microphone, design, and new capabilities enhancements to your case.


All three share almost the same specs, have noise cancellation, three microphones per earpiece, and an IPX4 water resistance rating.

Something that stands out in the TONE Free FP is its active noise cancellation and a charging case with ultraviolet light to sterilize the headphones.

The tech giant explained that his sterilization system in the FP8 and FP9 models manages to reduce bacteria by 99.9% in just five minutes.

Being the top model, the FP9 offers Plug & Wireless capability, which is what allows the charging case to function as a wireless dongle.

LG hearing aid features

LG improved the design of its hearing aids and now features a 4.4 millimeter shorter base than previous models “to create the perfect balance and fit for an active lifestyle.”

The TONE Free FP they also include ‘Meridian Audio’ spatial processing. According to the company, it is a system that “surrounds the listener with a sound that seems to come from all directions.”


To provide better audio, 3D Sound Stage is also incorporated, which expands the sound through “spatial mixing” to provide users with more realistic audio.

The microphones of the TONE Free FP they are better, so that when making calls you will have a clearer voice and with less ambient noise.

Whisper mode allows for more privacy and better quality when making or receiving calls. The right earbud can be used as a microphone while you listen through the left.

The TONE Free FP It has a very powerful battery with an estimated duration of up to 18 hours of use. The LG Tone system is compatible with iOS and Android systems via Bluetooth.

The models are expected to arrive later in the year.

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