Today is Chabelo’s birthday and that’s how they’re celebrating!

Mexico is partying because Today is the birthday of Xavier López Rodríguez, better known as Chabelo. Mexican television and social network users are celebrating it.

Chabelo is considered one of the greatest icons of Mexican television and the reason is none other than his consecrated program: In family with Chabelo. Saying Show of contests, guests and gifts remained on the air for approximately 47 years before ceasing transmissions.

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Many Mexicans attended on occasion one of the recordings of said program at the Televisa facilities. Do you still remember how the traditional cataphyx worked?

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Where did the name Chabelo come from?

Happy birthday Chabel!  Xavier López Chabelo turns 87 - Blog Hola Telcel

Although his original name is definitely not Chabelo, now that it is his birthday it would be worth remembering why he is called that. The nickname came about during the early stages of his career and, to tell the truth, it is as if he had selected him to stay with him for life, to start what we now see in retrospect as a fruitful artistic career.

Xavier López Chabelo had his first steps as an actor in teletheater, thanks to a friend who invited him to work in a radio production. Despite completing a medical degree, the host immersed himself in four years of drama studies.

Later he met Arturo Elizondo and Ramiro Gamboa, better known as Uncle Gamboín. Thus he received his opportunity to participate on the small screen and it was precisely during his first time on it that he received the nickname of Chabelo.

The story goes that in the absence of a cast member on the show Music Carousel, Xavier López was asked to take his place at the last minute. His mission was to read a joke, but for this he had to play a supposed boy named Chabelo. Since then, both his companions and the audiences found it impossible to forget the nickname. One that has accompanied him for almost 70 years.

How old is Chabelo?

Happy birthday Chabel!  Xavier López Chabelo turns 87 - Blog Hola Telcel
Happy birthday Chabel! Xavier López Chabelo turns 87 years old – Hola Telcel Blog

Oddly enough, Chabelo is no older than Queen Isabel. He, too, is no bigger than the actress Silvia Pinal or the First Actor Ignacio Lopez Tarso. Today Chabelo celebrates his 87th birthday. However, surely you know that there is a conception that the actor is the longest living human being of all. This idea is probably due to the fact that the comedian and host’s career has been one of the most permanent on Mexican television.

In family with Chabelo It aired in 1967 and ended with one last big farewell show in 2015. That translates to 48 years of non-stop broadcasting. Which means that there were several generations that Sunday after Sunday began their day with said program. Thus Chabelo became an icon of baby boomersgeneration x, millennials and even some centennials.

In social networks they already celebrate Chabelo for his birthday with some jokes and memes that associate the celebration with humor and with the idea of ​​its almost infinite permanence in the hearts of millions of viewers. Below you can see some of them.

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Foreign In family with Chabelo?

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