Titans fights! Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavill want to be He-Man

For many years the idea of ​​carrying He-man to a format live-action for a series exclusive to the classic character, it had to be canceled or postponed for different reasons. But today it seems that there is a green light to continue with the project, where Henry cavill or Chris Hemsworth they could become the protagonist. Who do you prefer?

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A series live-action from He-man for Netflix

Sources close to the production of He-man revealed that the casting to find the ideal actor for He-Man has begun. This after Noah centineo, who had already been cast in the role, would resign him by putting production on hiatus.

Noah Centineo resigned from being He-Man- HolaTelcel Blog

The idea is that the story of He-man be brought into a serial format live-action, which would be in charge of Sony, who owns the rights to the character, and would be transmitted through Netflix. However, to begin with, a leading man is obviously missing and this is where Chris Hemsworth Y Henry cavill they fight for the character.

He-Man classic series from the eighties will be taken to a live-action version- Blog Hola Telcel

Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavill?

Supposedly, Chris Hemsworth He mentioned being interested in the role. An ideal candidate to become He-Man. However, it is important to consider that at the moment Chris is in the filming of Thor: Love and Thunder, so his commitments to Marvel could be an obstacle to filming a series.

Chris Hemsworth is interested in starring in the He-Man series- HolaTelcel Blog

On the other hand, Henry cavill he also expressed his desire to be He-man. The actor would be a perfect candidate thanks to his popularity as Superman. However, he already belongs to a Netflix series, The witcher, which just finished its filming stage of the second season and will soon arrive on the platform of streaming.

Henry Cavill wants to star in He-Man's new live-action series- HolaTelcel Blog

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It is clear that for Sony it is a very complex decision. The two actors are currently at the peak of their popularity and surely either of them could make a great performance of He-man. The only problem would be the projects that both have on the doorstep.

Sony is working on a new live-action He-Man series with Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavill- Blog Hola Telcel

While making a decision, tell us who would you like to see as He-Man: Henry Cavill or Chris Hemsworth? 💪

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