Tinder will let you see if your match has a history of violence

Tinder background

To reduce cases of gender violence, Tinder will allow you to check a history of abuse or harassment

Tinder has become one of the Applications Most popular for having casual relationships, however recently some abuses have been detected, which is why the platform has decided to improve its system.

In this sense, Match Group, the company that owns the app, revealed that it will now allow users to see if their match It has history of violence. Before the participants meet face-to-face, you can see if the person concerned has criminal, abuse or harassment records.

Tinder violence

In accordance with Tinder, this measure seeks to “help proactively prevent gender-based violence by providing users with greater transparency and information about the people with whom they connect.”

For this tool to work properly, it will work with Garbo, a verification platform for online background which houses “public records and reports of violence or abuse, including arrests, convictions, restraining orders, harassment and other violent crimes.”

Tinder works to improve the security of its users

Until now Tinder did not explain how the violence background check. But it is estimated that users will be able to know the records through their names or telephone number.


Tinder it will not display information related to drug possession and traffic offenses. Well, the company points out that there is clear discrimination against marginalized groups.

According to the first reports, this function will be available in the United States in the coming months. It should be noted that users who want to access the history of violence they will have to pay a fee.

However, it is unknown what the cost would be to know if the person concerned has criminal records, abuse or harassment. Though Tinder assured that you are looking for this price does not prevent people from using the feature regularly.

To provide greater security to users, in recent months the different dating applications have added more functions such as photo verification and a video call, to prove that the person is who they say they are.

In January of this year, Tinder added his ‘panic button’. Tool used to store information about an appointment, in addition to registering the location and allowing an alert to be sent to the emergency services.

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