TikTok will have paid subscriptions for exclusive content

TikTok payment

Like OnlyFans, TikTok experiments with exclusive content that will be visible only under a paid subscription.

TikTok continues to improve his service and now it is revealed that he has started testing the paid subscriptions for exclusive content.

According to the first reports, this new tool will allow content creators to charge users so that they can access certain publications that will not be publicly available.

This new option is very reminiscent of onlyfans, a platform that has grown thanks to the subscriptions and the erotic content that is shared.

TikTok shared that at the moment he is testing this new function of subscription, so only some users can try the tool, however at the moment it is not available globally.

“It is a concept (subscriptions) that has been tested. We are always thinking of new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience,” a TikTok spokesperson told The Verge.


In her article for The Verge, Kim Lyons expressed her concern that this payment system affect the main feature of TikTok. And it is that now content creators can leave their best videos to subscriptions. So they would stop feeding the platform with original videos.

“If creators reserve their best content for subscribers, that content likely won’t be available to feed the algorithm; which in turn could reduce engagement, since in theory, they’re not being shown to non-subscribers.”

TikTok It already has some monetization options through which fans can reward their content creators, such as tips or virtual gifts.

But this time the content creators they will only share your posts with users who have a paid subscription.

So far it is unknown when this tool will be available to all users.

Instagram also has paid subscriptions for exclusive content

Notably Instagram has also started testing its subscriptions to access exclusive content, whether images or live videos.

“Creators inspire people around the world with their talent and drive culture forward every day,” Instagram wrote in introducing its new subscriptions feature.

instagram payment

In this way, content creators will be able to receive money directly from their followers. Therefore, the higher the quality of their content, the better the payment they generate.

So far, only a small group of 10 creators in the United States have implemented this feature. Prices can range from $1 to $100.

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