TikTok takes away YouTube’s crown as the most viewed video app

A few weeks ago, YouTube encouraged its users to create short videos with a financial reward for those who managed to go viral. Today, one of the world’s largest mobile data and analytics companies, Annie App, announced that users of TikTok they already spend more time on this platform than on Youtube.

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The success of TikTok makes it the most used app - Blog Hola Telcel

According to the research, TikTok has already become a platform that has the ability to keep the user on its platform for a longer time. TikTok users in the United States spend between 23 and 25 hours per month enjoying short videos in the app, while YouTube users use it between 22 and 23 hours with a maximum of 45 minutes per month.

TikTok and YouTube audience graph - Hola Telcel Blog

YouTube is still ahead of TikTok in other ways

Although the study showed that TikTok continues to grow in popularity at an accelerated rate and that in some years it could surpass the rest of the social networks in many respects, as well as its main competition in terms of videos, it still remains below in monetization and even in general use than YouTube.

In 2020, TikTok became the platform for video, entertainment and streaming most used, above Netflix, Youtube and Disney +. However, in the report for the first six months of 2021, App Annie found that YouTube’s incentives are paying off as it returned to the top position.

YouTube users are still more than TikTok - Blog Hola Telcel

It should be noted that Disney + and Netflix are the kings of streaming of the moment. Content for all tastes that you can enjoy when hiring a Max Play plan with Disney + or a Max Play plan with Netflix, to continue enjoying your favorite series and movies with the fast navigation of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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The difference between TikTok and YouTube is that the former manages to keep its users on the platform for a longer time. While YouTube continues to have a greater number of subscribers, having more than two billion, many more compared to the 700 million that TikTok has. That is why the overall accumulated time of the Google video platform continues to be higher.

However, that may change in a short time, since TikTok has been the app with the highest number of downloads in the world for two consecutive years.

Other interesting facts about the most used social networks in the world

Contrary to speculation around Snapchat, this social network is still among the six most downloaded, although it is no longer among the ten most used in the world.

And as a conclusion about the preference of the users that the American company detected is that we prefer short videos, authentic content and live transmission. Do you agree?🤔

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