TikTok: now you can create your own filters and effects

Filters are of vital importance in practically all social networks that use image and sound. However, the degree of importance that these have in the famous short video application is on another level. Thus, TikTok has launched a tool with which users can create their own filters and effectswhich will allow them to fully personalize their content.

This is good news for all those developers who love to code and create fun tools. However, it is even more important for content creators, influencers and opinion leaders, who with the new tool to create filters on TikTokthey will be able to show much more originality and stand out from the rest.

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Nowadays it seems imperative for people to stand out in social networks, among so many others, especially if they use their account to generate some kind of income or promote a product. TikTok is aware of it and for this reason, it has launched an external web page in which anyone with registration can generate new tools that accompany or enhance the recording of a video.

The page in question is named after Effect House. And it is important to note that it is not an external application, but an interface created by the same people behind TikTok. The idea is to offer users the opportunity to generate their own concerns or ideas in the filters for the application.

If you are a regular fan of TikTok, the steps to be able to create filters and effects in Effect House probably interest you. As well as the Telcel Max Unlimited Planwith which you can enjoy hours of TikTok with twice the gigabytes in #TelcelLaBestRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.


Effect House allows you to create your own filters and video effects on TikTok.-Blog Hola Telcel

How to create filters and effects on TikTok with the help of Effect House?

As we mentioned before, in order to become a creator of filters or effects, you must enter the website Effect House. Nevertheless,
for this you need to register, a process that requires several steps and days of waiting, and also does not guarantee that you will get it.

When entering the site, which is still in beta, you must create an account and at the same time log in to your account. TikTok. Then it is necessary to complete a form with your personal data and send it to wait for a response.

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Create your own video filters and effects with Effect House.-Blog Hola Telcel

This response usually arrives between one and five business days. And once received, you can enter the page to be able to shape your own ideas. The site’s system is quite intuitive, so it is a friendly interface that is not only focused on expert programmers.

So with Effect House you can unleash your creativity. Create new filters or effects for TikTok. Viralize your own filters and of course your best videos. The possibilities are endless, but the real question is: Do you already have the best idea in the world to go viral?

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