TikTok is the social network that shares the most data with third parties


An investigation by URL Genius revealed that TikTok is the platform that shares the most information ahead of Telegram and Twitter

TikTok It has become the most popular application in recent years, however, it is now in the spotlight after it was revealed that it is the social network that shares the most data with third parties.

According to research carried out by URL Genius, the platform manages to share information with up to 13 different services.

TikTok tied for the first position in the general list of contacts with Youtube. However, Google’s video platform uses 10 in its own services, for example, to improve its recommendation system.

These data are above the average of other platforms such as Telegram (9) and Twitter (6).

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While the apps that shared the least data were LinkedIn (2 primary and 2 third party sources), Instagram (2 third parties and an internal domain), Facebook (a third), Snapchat (a third party) and messaging ‘apps’ Messenger and WhatsAppboth with an internal domain.

The study points out that the information it collects TikTok It can range from the number of publications with which you interact, the content you see, or the personal data registered in the social network.

What did the application consist of?

The study to find out what data they share with third parties or with the developer’s own ‘apps’ analyzed a total of 200 mobile applications.

The platform used the ‘Log app activity’ feature added in iOS 15.2 by Manzana.

According to the results, “mobile applications contact an average of 15 domains, and about 80 percent are third-party domains.”

URL Genius revealed that magazine and news apps shared the most data with 28 and 23 contacts respectively, of which 26 and 21 were with third parties.


As for the social networks it was found that on average it is shared with six platforms, 60 percent from third parties and 40 percent from internal domains.

While in the video game category it was discovered that there is an average of seven contacts, of which 80 percent are with third parties and 20 percent internal.

Among the game apps analyzed are: Words (11 third parties and one internal domain), Roblox (6 third parties and 4 internal) and Angry Birds 2 (9 external contacts).

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