Thunderbird 91 arrives with a lot of changes and improvements

One year after the release of the last major version of the Thunderbird email client, the release of the new version 91 has been announced which is developed by the community and based on Mozilla technologies.

The new version is classified as a version with long-term support, whose updates are published throughout the year. Thunderbird 91 is based on the ESR version of the Firefox 91 codebase

Main new features of Thunderbird 91

In this new version of Thunderbird 91 we can find that interfaces have been redesigned for initial setup and printing. User interface customization options have been moved to the View menu.

The interface for setting up a new account has been completely redesigned and now it opens in a new tab, instead of a separate window. After completing the account setup, additional options are offered, such as adding a digital signature or configuring end-to-end encryption.

What’s more, various interface design modes have been implemented, adapted for different sizes and screen types. There are three modes available in the “View -> Density” menu: compact (minimal indentations), normal and touch (large indents and large icons for easy operation on touch screens).

A floating dialog has been implemented that appears when you try to move a file to a window in drag and drop mode, and allows you to add this file as an attachment or embed it as an image.

It is also highlighted that the capabilities of the calendar planner were expanded. Added support for automatic detection of external calendars, added context menu item to start editing, show category colors in drop down lists, provide the ability to launch ics files by double click, support for importing sorting and filtering parameters.

Regarding support improvements, we can find that support for message forwarding is included, macOS device support equipped with an ARM chip from Apple Silicon (M1), support for encrypting messages sent to recipients specified in the Bcc field and that the conclusion of the recommendations to replace incompatible or discontinued plugins was implemented.

Of the other changes that stand out from the new version of Thunderbird 91:

  • Added separate global and calendar-based notification settings.
  • Added the ability to pin mail folders in the Folder Panel sidebar.
  • Added information about installed dictionaries and language packs to the about: support page.
  • Provided the ability to change the order in which accounts are displayed in the sidebar.
  • Improved dark theme.
  • Fixed the issue of non-uniformity of some windows and dialog boxes when choosing a dark theme.
  • By default, multithreaded mode (e10s) is activated, which implies the processing of tabs in different processes.
  • The main structure has a built-in PDF viewer (PDF.js).
  • A new user interface has been proposed for attaching attachments to emails.
  • The recipient address has the ability to use non-ASCII characters.
  • Added support for address books in CardDAV format and their automatic detection during account setup.
  • In the calendar, when accessing external servers, the CalDAV protocol is used by default.
  • When connecting to GMail’s calendar and address book, a request for the required authority to save the bindings was implemented, allowing access without reauthorization.
  • Task Scheduler now supports Undo / Redo changes to create or delete events and tasks.
  • Empty CC / BCC fields are provided in the message compose window.
  • Added the display of a warning when trying to reply to an address that probably does not exist (for example, “”).
  • Implemented support for the “X-Unsent: 1” header used to open a saved but not sent message in edit mode.

Finally, you should know that the version is available only for direct downloadAs automatic updates from versions prior to version 91.0 are not provided and will only be generated in version 91.2.

The link is this.

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