Three weird gadgets designed to keep your iPhone cool during the summer heat – including a MINI PARASOL

THINGS are heating up again across the UK and we’re not the only ones getting a sweat on.

Our phones are pretty susceptible to summer sizzlers as well.

Cool down in a cooling pouch


Cool down in a cooling pouchCredit: PHOOZY/AMAZON

Experts advise us not to expose devices to the Sun, as it can cause them to overheat and stop working.

Even then, your phone can quickly become roasty, but we’ve found some cool gadgets that might be able to help.

A cooling pouch

The PHOOZY Apollo is an insulated pouch that protects your phone from overheating.

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Creators say it uses spacesuit technology used by Nasa to reflect 90 percent of heat from the Sun away from your handset.

They also claim it can extend battery life by up to three times, compared with not using the pouch.

  • Buy the PHOOZY Apollo Series Thermal Phone Case for £26.50 from Amazon

Smartphone fan

Time to fan yourself off, iPhone


Time to fan yourself off, iPhoneCredit: SHEIN

You can get a variety of fans that attach to your phone, providing them with a bit of a cool down.

Some are petty cheap too.

This particular model can be plugged in with a USB.

  • Buy a portable cooling fan for £3.75 from SHEIN

Smartphone umbrella

Tesco Mobile is giving away a free mini parasol for your smartphone.

It’ll provide some much needed shade – and it may even help you to see the screen a bit better too.

But it’s only available for a limited time – until August 4 in fact.

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All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed.

Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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