Three news that will officially arrive on WhatsApp

Thanks to the WhatsApp beta version It is how many developers have discovered that the app continues to work on upcoming updates and features that will arrive very soon. We had already told you a little about some of them. However, nothing was official, until now.

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WhatsApp logo.  Three new features are coming to the app soon.  - HolaTelcel Blog

Confirmation of the new functions of WhatsApp came thanks to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and the WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart, who shared with WABetaInfo, the medium specialized in WhatsApp, that the news is a fact and that there are three new functions that will be integrated into the platform.

What are the three news that will come to WhatsApp?

1. Ephemeral photos and videos

This function will allow the photos and videos sent to automatically disappear from the conversation after a certain time, giving the receiver the opportunity to view the multimedia content only once.

This update has been working since March and is similar to the messages that self-destruct on WhatsApp, with the intention of increasing the security and privacy of the app.

WhatsApp will add a function to send ephemeral photos and videos as part of its three new updates- HolaTelcel Blog
Photo: WABetaInfo

2. “Disappearance mode” in WhatsApp

This second update is also related to messages that self-destruct. The “disappearance mode” will be optional for the entire app, affecting all conversations, so that messages can disappear within 24 hours of being sent or received.

WhatsApp and the disappearance mode that will arrive very soon as the next update.  - HolaTelcel Blog
Photo: WABetaInfo

3. Multi-device support

Multi-device support is also coming soon, and will allow WhatsApp to be used on up to four different devices. In addition, it will not be necessary to keep the account open on a smartphone to be able to connect to the app from any other device: tablet, phone or computer.

Multi-device function is one of the three updates that WhatsApp will have- HolaTelcel Blog

So far there are only three new functions that will officially reach WhatsApp, but it is expected that many more will be announced soon, which you can enjoy thanks to your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend It gives you unlimited social networks and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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Which of these novelties are you looking forward to the most? Do not stop being aware of Hello Telcel to find out everything that comes in the most popular instant messaging app.

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