This would be Facebook, Netflix and Google before the internet

Google before the internet

It is already possible to know what Facebook, Netflix and Google would be like before the internet, designer Thomas Ollivier recreated the popular services

Currently people use in their daily life streaming services, social networks and others technology platforms. In fact, many people could not live without these platforms, however you can imagine what these would be like before internet.

The designer Thomas Ollivier recreated the popular services, to show how these would have been platforms before internet.

To be able to see how it was Facebook, Netflix and Google before internet, the designer was based on various toys and gadgets from the 1980s and 1990s.

In other words, they are not new objects but Thomas Ollivier He explained with the devices that the services offered by these platforms already existed.

In his images it is detailed that before the internet, people already used some of the services that are so popular today.

What would popular services be like before?

Google It was represented as a toy from the eighties that was used to help develop communication and writing skills in children. This is Speak & Spell, which helped children discover new words and know how they were written.


Facebook was represented with an image of a pager. It is a popular device in the nineties and it received short messages.


WhatsApp He was portrayed as a walkie-talki. While Spotify Before the internet, a Walkman would be a personal cassette player.



Thomas Ollivier illustrated Netflix like the popular Fisher-Price View-Master, an old-fashioned slide viewer. For his part Adobe it would be a magic slate.



With his work, the designer seeks to show how life was transforming, and it could also be seen that these services were based on popular devices before the internet.

Its success could be said that it was assured since they were some services that people already used before.

“For years, hundreds of gadgets and platforms of yesteryear managed to satisfy in a certain way the needs that these services have now enhanced”

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