This was the most viral of Instagram and Facebook in Mexico during 2021

Like TikTok, YouTube and Google, Meta shared the themes, songs and trends who became viral in Instagram Y Facebook in Mexico during 2021. It is thanks to these annual reports that we can get an idea of ​​the interests of Mexicans and how they change over the years.

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According to the report published by Meta on the topics of greatest interest in Mexico this 2021, Mexicans use Facebook to find out about sports topics. In addition, they have shown interest in interacting with people to learn to cook and find the best destinations and travel tips.

Facebook groups on travel were a success in 2021 - Hola Telcel Blog

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The topics of greatest interest to Mexicans this 2021 according to Meta


Although there are international sporting events of interest to everyone –even for people less interested in sports–, Mexicans feel a greater attraction for national sport. The highest levels of conversation were about athletes such as Formula 1 driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez, boxer Saúl Álvarez and soccer player Orbelín Pineda.

Sergio "Czech" Pérez was one of the most commented on Facebook - Blog Hola Telcel


In addition to sharing the topics most talked about by Mexicans on Facebook, Meta also shared the list of artists with the most used songs in Instagram stories and reels and these were the winners:

  • Camilo
  • DJ Dark
  • MC Bruninho
  • CryJaxx
  • Dj Yo! & AX’EL

Camilo is an artist very commented on Facebook in 2021 - Hello Telcel Blog

The most successful Facebook groups in Mexico in 2021

In these times it is very easy to find a Facebook group that suits your interests. However, throughout the years that we have been confined by the pandemic, many of us tried to learn new things from home and the groups related to cooking and construction were the most successful this 2021.

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We are a few weeks away from the end of 2021 and the tours of the most searched topics on Google or the most commented on social networks can lead us to a reflection on whether we share interests with the rest of Mexicans. And you, what topics did you comment on on social media in 2021?

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