This was the most searched on Google by Mexicans in 2021

About two decades ago, Google created a tool to display the searches of users around the world. Google Trends became a very useful tool for creators of digital content, but the curious data that we can obtain from the most searched on Google They will surprise you and you will want to share it with others.

What were the issues that most mattered to Mexicans? What doubts did you want to solve during 2021? Which actors were the most searched on Google? These and many other questions can be answered with the annual search report.

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Google’s most searched lists are based on search terms that peaked this year compared to the previous year. We tell you about some data that emerged from this comparison between 2021 and 2020.

What were the top Google searches in 2021?  - Hello Telcel Blog

What was the most searched on Google internationally?

Despite the fact that in 2021 the pandemic caused a large part of the world’s population to remain confined, searches related to that topic drastically reduced to make way for other topics that impacted around the world.

In terms of food we can feel great national pride, since “Birria tacos” was the most searched phrase in Google in the world. Later some other dishes followed such as Nasi goreng, a typical rice dish of Indonesian and Malay cuisine; feta pasta, a recipe that many started looking for after a user made it viral on TikTok, and potato soup.

Birria tacos were the most searched dish in Google in 2021 worldwide - Blog Hola Telcel

While in sports the main searches were related to the gymnast Simone Biles who retired from the competitions in the 2021 Olympic Games. Also at the top of the searches are the golfer Tiger Woods and Christian Eriksen who had health problems.

In the entertainment area, Marvel swept the interest of Google users by being The Eternals Y Black widow Most Wanted Movies in 2021. In addition, in the series with the highest search index, Wandavision Y Loki in the top five, just below The Squid Game.

The main Google searches in Mexico in 2021

The main searches in Mexico were related to vaccination dates and vouchers, public scholarships, elections and the Olympic medals for Mexicans.

The Mexicans also wanted to resolve the following doubts: What is prostration? What does gpi mean? What does uwu mean? And in case you have any doubt that in Mexico there are a large number of Marvel fans, the main question started with “how” was What is the name of Thor’s hammer?

And following the trend and popularity of this Disney franchise, the movies that generated the most Google searches in Mexico They were The Eternals, Black widow, Cruella and some others that do not belong to the mouse company like Venom Y Godzilla vs. Kong.

Black Widow was the most searched movie in Google this 2021 - Blog Hola Telcel

While in a matter of gadgets, the cell phone most searched by Mexicans was the iPhone 13, which you can find in the Telcel online store so you can continue enjoying #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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To know the rest of the most searched on Google by Mexicans in all categories visit Google Trends. In the meantime, tell us, what surprised you the most about this annual search report?

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