This is what the new WhatsApp ‘archived chats’ tab will look like

WhatsApp continues in constant renewal and although the new functions usually arrive at the same time in Android Y ios, this time the operating system of Manzana you will receive before anyone else a new design in the tab ‘archived chats’ and here we tell you what it is about.

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According WABetaInfo, the portal specialized in news from WhatsApp, the app interface on devices ios will have some modifications, where a tab of ‘archived chats’. The conversations you decide to secretly archive will remain here and will no longer be unarchived every time you receive a new message. This update is now available in the beta for iOS

What is WhatsApp’s new ‘archived chats’ feature all about?

With this new feature, archived chat notifications will be completely disabled. Archived conversations will be hidden and the user will have access to them through the new tab and not in the same place as the rest of their conversations. And finally, the user will be able to quickly manage multiple archived chats at once using the new button. ‘Edit’.

New archived chats, update for iOS.- Blog Hola Telcel
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What will happen when the ‘archived chats’ feature is enabled on iOS?

When the new WhatsApp function is enabled on iOS devices, some changes will arise, which you must take into account before the app updates automatically:

  • The archived chats tab will be fixed at the top of WhatsApp and from there you can access the archived conversations.
  • This same tab will always be visible and there will be no way to hide it.
  • When you receive a new message from an archived chat, the tab will indicate that you have unread messages with a visible number at the top.
  • The same will happen when someone mentions you in an archived chat, the tab will indicate you with an at symbol (@).

Function to keep archived WhatsApp chats for iOS devices - Hola Telcel blog

This new feature is expected to reach WhatsApp in the coming weeks, which you can enjoy if you have an iOS phone and a Telcel Max Unlimited Plan, which gives you Double Gigas and unlimited social networks, with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage

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Many more new features are coming to WhatsApp, so keep an eye out for Hello Telcel so you don’t miss any of them. 😉

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