This is the name of the next Apple phone that will arrive in September

iPhone 13

After several rumors, the Korean newspaper ‘Economic Daily News’ revealed that Apple’s new phone will be called iPhone 13 and not iPhone 12s or iPhone 2021

The devices Manzana generate great expectation among people. For this reason, rumors have arisen months before about the new devices of the Cupertino company.

It is expected that in the month of September next apple phone. After several rumors about the possible name that he will bear, it was revealed that he will be called iPhone 13 and not iPhone 12s or iPhone 2021.

next apple phone

Although it is a name that had already been used by different media, the Korean newspaper ‘Economic Daily News’ confirmed the name of the next apple phone.

“This year’s new Apple iPhone has just entered the countdown to its stock and the supply chain has reported that this year’s iPhone will be called the iPhone 13”

It was also revealed that Manzana It will keep the same models that it has presented so far: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The media also highlighted that Foxconn will be the one who will take a large part of the assembly orders for the models.

It is expected that iPhone 13 have the same design line as the iPhone 12. However, there could be changes in the notch and considerable improvements in the camera, screen, chipset and battery.

iPhone 13

According to the latest leaks, future models will feature the same screen sizes as the models announced in 2020. All models will include the A15 chip.

“6.7 inches for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, 6.1 inches for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and 5.4 inches for the iPhone 13 Mini”

Although it is credible that the next apple phone Be called iPhone 13It should be noted that this information has not been verified.

Experts point out that Cupertino company you could skip a number and go to 14. It would not be the first time I did it because the iPhone 9 never existed.

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