This is the integration of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

For weeks we have revealed Facebook’s plans to unify your social and messaging networks. One of the first steps has been the Instagram stories, which can be published and deleted at the same time on Facebook, without having to leave the application. But something bigger is on the way, it’s about the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger integration, which would allow you to speak more directly with your contacts on both platforms. These are the most recent details that have been released.

union of facebook messenger and whatsapp

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Facebook will be unified with WhatsApp

The ultimate goal of Facebook is that all its applications can be used from a single platform, thus created “Account Center”, ie Account Center, to set all the necessary settings from one place.

At the moment, WhatsApp and Facebook already allow sharing statuses, but it is expected that very soon they will also be unified as a single messaging tool.

unification of facebook messenger and whatsapp

One of the novelties of Instagram is that you can use your Facebook account to log in, so it is likely that your chats will also join WhatsApp in the future.

According to the latest leaks, you will have the option to activate or not the interconnection between WhatsApp and Messenger, when you want it. In addition, the conversations will remain encrypted, to give you the greatest privacy.

The release date for this unification has not yet been confirmed, but we hope to have more official news soon.

Do you think it will be more useful to chat from the same app?

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