This is the cars of the future! CES 2021 introduced models with AI

He CES 2021 has presented for three days a wide variety of innovations that will make our lives easier, among them are also vehicles with artificial intelligence. Just like you’ve seen in science fiction movies, these are the cars of the future.

Among the characteristics that these vehicles offer is the possibility of remote control, a technology similar to the one it offers Zeek My Car, a geolocation service synchronized with an app on your cell phone, from which you can locate your car or motorcycle in real time, receive notifications of events such as movement alarms and even turn it off with a single click. The best thing is that this tool you can hire her now at the nearest Telcel Customer Service Center.

Vehicles of the future at CES 2021

A car with an autonomous driving system

It is the fifth generation of the Waymo Driver with an autonomous driving system, this technology can be used in transport vehicles, travel, parcels and more.

A smart patrol

This would be the perfect companion for Robocop! This is the Ekin A-Patrol surveillance patrol, an intelligent vehicle that according to its creators provides security and protection autonomously. Nothing will escape you, as it has a display that can analyze and direct traffic, limit speed on the streets, create warnings to drivers of violations of the regulations and more.

Ekin A-Patrol is a smart patrol
Photo: Ekin A-Patrol

Smart dashboard for electric cars

Mercedes-Benz has presented its MBUX Hyperscreen smart dashboard, they are three joined screens that allow you to see the status of the vehicle and interact with it. This technology will be in the next electric car of the brand and is designed so that the driver has in one place the functions he needs most, without having to search through several menus.

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At CES 2021, not only cars have been presented, but also other vehicles such as smart bikes, motorcycles and boats.

Boat that will cross the Atlantic without a crew

No captain? IBM and ProMare are developing the MayFlower, an autonomous ship that will cross the Atlantic Ocean without a crew in 2021; thanks to artificial intelligence, cloud and computing technologies.

A screen for electric bicycles linked to your cell phone

Bosch eBike Systems revealed the Nyon display for electric bicycles, its manufacturers have mentioned that it is capable of providing on-board navigation, fitness tracking, digital lockdown and even range estimates based on topography. It will be very easy to use, since it will be enough to connect your cell phone through its app.

Bosch eBike Systems revealed the Nyon display

Motorcycle that parks itself

Can you imagine walking in the city with her? The Segway eScooter T is an electric motorcycle with self-balancing technology, smart LED headlights with light sensing, and an interactive dashboard. But undoubtedly one of its most surprising features is its ability to park alone.

Which of all these vehicles of the future has impressed you the most?

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