This is how all the new emojis that arrive with Android 12 look like

This 2021 Android 12 will be released, the second previous version for developers has already been revealed and through its betas more details of the update are known little by little. For example, the first images of what the new emojis will look like and how to download them have already been shown.

android 12

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New way to download emojis

One of the novelties that Android 12 will bring is that the emojis and fonts will be updated directly from Google Play.

android 12 emojis

Google in the future will upload its own packs to the store, so you won’t have to wait for the whole system to update. It will be possible to unify designs between different versions of Android, some for free and others would have to be paid.

New emojis with Android 12

Recall that the details are still in development and the emojis included in Emoji 13.1 have been revealed in the leaked compilation of Android 12. In the following image you can see what they look like. They highlight vivid colors, shadows and reflections so you can use more realistic emojis.

android 12 emojis

Little by little Google will launch more beta versions of Android 12 and we will know everything they are preparing for users in the official version.

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Android 12 will also bring various improvements at the interface level, changes in connectivity, native support for extended screenshots, a widget search bar and more functions.

What other change do you hope will appear in this update?

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