They release a trailer for ‘Matrix: Resurrections’ and all this was revealed!

“So many years to go back to where it all began”, is the phrase with which the trailer of Matrix 4: Resurrections. A dialogue that perfectly sums up the essence of what happens in this first advance inside and outside of fiction.

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In this first trailer that continues with one of the most recognized science fiction franchises, references to the first trilogy could not be absent. A resource that we already verified that Matrix 4: Resurrections will be used throughout the film, with a nostalgic tone, integrating phrases such as “Hello white rabbit”, which refers to the iconic scene where it appears “Follow the white rabbit” on Neo’s computer in the first installment of The Matrix.

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However, nostalgia is not only noticeable in Neo’s new story, played by Keanu Reeves, but also in the return of Lana Wachowski, who for the first time ventured to direct this installment without her sister Lily, as for Lily This new project meant going back to the past and she didn’t think it was convenient for her.

The return of some characters in the trailer of Matrix: Resurrections!

Although the return of some actors in their iconic roles had already been announced, such as Keanu Reeves when playing Neo again, in this first trailer we can see the return of other familiar faces 18 years after the premiere of the third installment of the franchise, Matrix Revolutions.

Matrix 4 Resurrection trailer scenes - Hola Telcel Blog

Carrie-Anne Moss returns to play Trinity and Jada Pinkett Smith is back as Niobe, although she did not appear in this first trailer of Matrix: Resurrections. A couple of minor characters will also return: Daniel Bernhardt reprises his role as Agent Johnson and Lambert Wilson returns as Merovingian, the information broker.

Other details revealed in the trailer for Matrix 4

The trailer did not show us many details about the plot, however, it seems to be key that the main protagonists do not recognize each other, nor do they remember their past lives. So far, it has been the most important detail revealed: for some reason going back to the Matrix made them lose their memory.

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There are still many gaps in the plot, what do you think is the meaning of the red and blue pills?

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