They launch smart dumbbells with Alexa, which can change weight

smart dumbbells

NordicTrack introduced smart dumbbells that are compatible with Alexa and can change the weight with a simple voice command

More and more devices have virtual assistant that allows people to perform different actions by using their voice. On this occasion, a smart dumbbells that help users while exercising.

NordicTrack launched his sports team with Alexa. According to the company, people will be able to change their weight with voice commands, so they will not need to have several to fulfill their exercise routine.

voice controlled weights

It should be noted that the adjustable dumbbells they are not new, because there are different models on the market that allow users to indicate the weight with buttons, in this way the system places the necessary discs.

But the NordicTrack iSelect They offer the advantage that they have their virtual assistant, so it will only be enough for people to say: “Alexa, change the weight”, for the dumbbells to adapt.

It was even revealed that the dumbbells will be able to adjust their weight according to the exercise. Its developers indicate that people will be able to:

“Set to a specific weight, increase or decrease it, or place a preset weight on 15 included exercises, such as bicep curls, French press or rows”

The NordicTrack iSelect they are available on Amazon for $429. A free 30-day trial of the iFIT family plan, the fitness training platform, is offered with purchase.


No subscription is required to use built-in features like voice control. Only a compatible Alexa device (to be purchased separately) and an Internet connection are required.

The iSelec also integrate accelerometers to control the speed of the exercises. And a base on the platform where you can place a tablet or mobile phone to see the training sessions on the screen.

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