They find the real-life Pennywise on Google Earth!

Since the launch of Google Earth, the app that allows you to walk the streets of the world from your computer or phone, many users have found comic or mysterious things in the streets and avenues of different cities.

A TikTok account by name Hidden in Google Earth, which is dedicated to publishing mysterious finds in Google Earth snapshots, recently shared one that has terrified New Yorkers. The latter because it could be the fearsome Pennywise, the clown of ITEM.

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Does Pennywise really exist? This is what Google Earth found

In the video you can see a figure that appears to be a white face with a pair of black spots in the space of the eyes. This image, according to The Mirror, was taken under a bridge in Ithaca, New York, which is on a highway heading to the Cayuga Waterfront Trail.

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In the TikTok publication they relate the creature to the famous Pennywise due to its resemblance to a clown and because of the similarity of hiding under a sewer –although in this case it is a bridge–. However, some users believe that he has a more similar appearance to the Joker, the iconic villain of Batman.

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Other interesting findings from Google Earth

In other Google Earth images, shared in the same TikTok account that could even be uploaded by other users, people have been seen in very funny and inexplicable situations. One of them, and which was published by the same account, is a sandstorm in the desert area of ​​Saudi Arabia.

Another finding, one of the most viewed on said TikTok account, is that of a man taking his order from McDonald’s. But there have also been posts that seem real, like a fake leak from the recording set of Spider-man, which were actually men dressed as the famous Marvel superhero.

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Do you think Pennywise really exists and has been captured by Google Earth? 😱

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