They filter the design of the Facebook smartwatch with notch

Facebook watch

With the name change of Facebook, the company enters the smartwatch market with Meta Watch, a watch that would arrive with notch

Several months ago a rumor emerged that Facebook He was working on a smartwatch, however with the name change the plans seem to be a reality.

Through Bloomberg the design of the Meta Watch, which would be the first hardware product to be launched on the market under the new company name of Mark Zuckerberg.

Meta Watch

To enter the market with force it was revealed that the facebook smartwatch it would arrive with notch and also integrates cameras to offer part of the metaverse experience.

Something curious is that the company uses the notch to house this camera inside the smartwatch. This camera would allow video calls with a quality of 1080p.

Bloomberg noted that it found the image of the Meta Watch within the application for Ray-Ban Stories. According to the photo it would have a square design, although with rounded corners.

Previous rumors indicated that it would have LTE connectivity and a second camera with the virtue of being able to be attached as the user wants.

Reports indicate that the Meta Watch “It could have two cameras and a detachable box, this allows it to be removed from its strap, take a photo and reinstall it where it was.”

Meta Watch Facebook

The watch would also have health, fitness, and messaging functions. So far only part of the design can be known from the filtered image.

People say that Facebook would have invested about $ 1 billion to create its Meta Watch. It appears to have at least one physical button, although it is barely distinguishable.

More specs on screen size or release date are still unknown. However, reports reveal that it could reach the market in the summer of 2022 although there is no certainty about the date of its launch and availability.

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