They filter all the data of the cyberattack to Phone House, with 13 million customers affected

MADRID, April 23 (2021) –

The authors of the cyberattack that has affected the chain of telephony stores Phone House has published on the Dark Web the data of supposedly 13 million of its users obtained through a ‘ransomware’ attack, after threatening the company with disclosure if it did not pay a financial ransom.

Among the data of the 13 million customers and employees of the chain personal information is found with your full name, email, date of birth, phone number, address, nationality and even identity documents and IMEI codes of the devices, as the authors have stated in their initial communication.

This attack, which became known on Wednesday, was carried out by the cybercriminals responsible for the Babuk corporate ransomware, They were able to access a “full copy” of ten Oracle databases and had already published a portion of them.

The hackers threatened to do the same with other personal information if they did not receive a ransom payment, and now, have leaked through the Dark Internet, or Dark Web, the data of supposedly 13 million customers of Phone House, as reported by the cybersecurity company Hispasec on its blog.

The information is accessible through the private Tor network, in the form of a file in ‘csv’ data table format, and are found without any encryption. The authors claimed that it was more than 100 GB of “sensitive data”.

Information regarding a portion of the leakage data has been included in the website Have I been new? in which users can enter their email to see if they have been affected. This website currently collects 5.2 million email addresses for Phone House accounts.

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