They develop a smart mask that is capable of killing Covid-19

smart mask

A Spanish company created a smart mask made from an ecological fabric with biocides that kills the coronavirus

One of the most frequent recommendations during the contingency by the Covid-19, is the use of mask. Because it has become a fundamental accessory, companies have developed different types that adapt to the needs of people.

The Spanish company Attenza developed a smart mask who is capable of kill he coronavirus with an efficiency of 99%.


The creators of Ecodry revealed that their element was made from an ecological fabric with biocides that are capable of remove any virus. The Valencian company explained that its device is very efficient and is capable of withstanding 100 washes at about 60 degrees.

Why is this mask so efficient?

Attenza explained that his smart mask has a textile with “nanotechnology that presents biocides that work with a chain of replicable genes”.

This causes viruses to become uncoated, breaking them down instantly when they come into contact with the tissue, starting the chemical process with 99% efficiency.


In this sense the mask can kill he Covid-19 in a period of approximately two hours.

“It is also effective against other viruses, bacteria and even some types of fungi by not allowing the growth of harmful microorganisms caused by humidity and temperature inside the mask”

Ecodry avoids waste and contamination as it is a smart mask long use. It even has 70% organic cotton, it also prevents migration and allergy problems when in contact with the skin.

According to its creators, it is capable of exceeding FFP2-grade masks in bacterial filtration and breathability as it is water-repellent, breathable and waterproof.

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