They develop a robotic arm that mimics human movements

robotic arm

Tech company created a robotic arm with synthetic muscles that mimic human movements and can even lift a 7-pound dumbbell

Automaton Robotics presented the advances of his robotic arm what was developed to imitate human movements.

The technology company used artificial muscles tires that allow you to lift a 7-pound dumbbell.

The Polish firm shared a video by engineer Łukasz Koźlik in which he shows the development of his robot.

According to its creator at the moment the robotic arm it only has half of the synthetic muscles so that it can be equated to a human arm.

Although it is yet to be completed, the device already has a wide spectrum of movements and strength for its execution.

The robotic arm was created with McKibben, pneumatic actuators that use air to function and that have characteristics similar to those of biological muscles.

However, these muscles have been modified to work with fluid and electricity. This helps it resemble a real arm because it has warm blood and veins.

How does the robot work?

For his movements the robotic arm It is powered by a portable source that can operate a series of electro-hydraulic mini-valves, which control the speed and force of muscle contraction.

Automaton Robotics announced that once its robotic arm This complete will be able to move the fingers laterally and the wrist horizontally.

The next move will be to install software on the robot that can control the position sensors that are installed in each of the joints.

“We want to develop a platform for reinforcement learning purposes, prosthetic arms and ultimately a full humanoid robot that serves people for fun, such as butler, cleaner, chauffeur, construction worker, and even achieve human immortality. transplanting a brain into a machine »

The goal is to create a humanoid robot that is not only fast and strong, but also cheap to produce.

«Our goal is to make a universal robot with infinite possibilities. We want you to cook, clean and do any job “

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