They develop a device that detects Covid-19 with a saliva sample

test Covid saliva

Spanish scientists developed a new system that allows detecting Covid-19 with a saliva sample, it is a cheaper method

One of the great problems faced by medical personnel to combat the Covid-19, is that in most cases a timely diagnosis.

That is why Spanish scientists developed a new system that allows detecting Covid-19 with a sample of saliva.

It is a cheaper and faster method than a PCR test. In addition to that it would allow to know in time if a person is infected.


Scientists from the Carlos III University of Madrid created the first photoelectrochemical sensor that detects the coronavirus.

“This device uses aptamers (a type of chemical antibodies). It has more sensitivity than antigen-based ones and performs detection faster and cheaper than PCR tests “

Its developers reveal that these devices for detect Covid-19 through saliva they are easy to use.

“The new aptasensor has great sensitivity to different concentrations of the coronavirus, and is capable of detecting concentrations below 0.5 nanomolar, typical in patients who have not yet developed any symptoms of Covid-19. But it also works in higher concentrations, up to 32 nM “

How does it work?

Spanish scientists pointed out that its use is very similar to current sensors. The result will be available in a few minutes.

“A sample of the patient’s saliva should be dissolved in a buffer solution and then deposited on the surface of the sensor”

test Covid

Pablo Acedo, head of Sensors and Instrumentation Techniques (SITec) at UC3M, now the idea is to complement his results with “the development of complete biomedical instruments to obtain a highly sensitive and specific, portable and potentially low-cost diagnostic system for use in clinical practice ”.

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