They create liquid robot that works without electricity

liquid robot develop

To take care of the environment they have created a liquid robot that works without electricity and could be used in the pharmacological industry

A group of researchers created a liquid robot it works Without eleectricity to take care of the environment. According to its developers, it is capable of operating autonomously and continuously.

The creators of the study published in the journal Nature Chemistry revealed that they were inspired by insects that walk on water for the creating your robot.

liquid robot create

The liquid robot “It could be used to perform automated tasks, such as handling dangerous chemicals. As long as it is in an aqueous solution ”.

The team of researchers from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of Massachusetts Amherst pointed out that it is possible to feed them through the salt that is deposited in the liquid.

The liquid robot it is like small open sacks that are only 2 millimeters in diameter. When they are fed they are heavier so they can be submerged to the bottom of the container.

“There they collect the selected chemicals and, through a new chemical reaction that generates an oxygen bubble, they rise again to the surface”

Subsequently, a reaction pushes them to the prune where they discharge the obtained chemicals and can be submerged again.

liquid robot

Its creators point out that as long as there is food, the liquid robot will continue to work like a pendulum does. In this way they would not need energy for their operation, something that would help to conserve the environment.

According to its developers, the liquid robot could be used to “detect specific gases in the environment or react to certain types of chemicals.”

“It could be used to create autonomous and continuous robotic systems that examine small chemical samples for clinical applications or drug discovery and synthesis applications.”

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