They create drunk mode for mobiles

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The Gree Electric company patented drunk mode to prevent people from using any app on their cell phone when they are drunk

One of the things that most people regret most when they are drunk is having them sent messages to his ex-partners.

To avoid this, the drunk mode for mobile, it is a function that restrict access to apps when you are drunk.

drunk mode

The Chinese company Gree Electric patented a system that prevents people from accessing certain Applications from his telephone if they are not sober.

According to the reports the drunk mode Prevents people from being able to send messages, make calls, or even post photos.

Local media MyDrivers revealed that the company presented an “interactive method and system for a drunk mode for smart phones” at the National Patent Office of China.

How does the system work?

According to the first reports the drunk mode restricts the access to certain Applications. To which you can only access through a verification process that verifies that you are sober.

The Android Authority medium revealed that this mode would focus on doing two things:

  • Block the use of advanced functions on mobile
  • Simplify the use of the terminal; the screen could show larger buttons and quick access to calls with our favorite contacts or those who could help us in an emergency


East system It can be configured, so that the user is the one who chooses which applications are restricted (messaging, banking applications, etc.) or which processes are deferred during drunk mode.

The patent does not specify what is the verification mechanism to verify that the owner of the mobile is no longer under the influence of alcohol. What is known is that the user could also configure it.

So far the date that the drunk mode it could reach the devices and in what operating system it could be available.

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