They create chewing gum that reduces the presence of Covid-19 by up to 95%

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Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania developed a chewing gum that promises to combat the spread of Covid-19

Vaccination has become the focal point in the fight against the pandemic by Covid-19. However, specialists developed a gum that promises to decrease spread of the virus.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania developed this chewing gum which is capable of reducing the presence of coronavirus in saliva up to 95%.

According to a study published in Molecular Therapy this gum helps to combat the pandemic since it is capable of reducing the presence of viruses in people’s mouths.


The gum could be stored at normal temperature, has a conventional taste and does not damage the molecules of human cells.

How does chewing gum work against Covid-19?

The researchers explained that the gum contains a protein that is capable of trapping Covid-19 particles. And it is that according to specialists the virus enters human cells by adhering to the ACE2 proteins.

The chewing gum has this protein, made from plants. In this way, the gum traps the virus, minimizing the opportunity for it to infect other cells.

The specialists explained that by attacking in saliva, they can stop its reproduction and therefore its transmission when people speak, breathe or cough.

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To test its effectiveness, the scientists took saliva samples from Covid-19 patients and they mixed them with chewing gum in powder form.

The result was a significant reduction in the number of virus particles. Its developers explained that at a dose of 5 milligrams, viral entry into cells was reduced.

But with 50 mg of the gum the viral entry was reduced by 95%, indicates the study. Specialists point out that chewing gum could only be considered as an aid for the fight against Covid-19.

“It is a complementary means of reducing the contagious capacity of infected people, especially in medical environments where the sick live with health personnel and all hygienic measures are few”

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