They create a webcam that looks like a human eye


With the popularity of the webcam, the Eyecam has been developed, featuring a Raspberry Pi and a human eye design.

With the Home Office the use of video calls has spread, so the use of the webcam. Most of the equipment already have an integrated one, however there are some models that can be obtained separately.

There are different models of cameras on the market, but most of them have the same design. But to change the offer that exists, one has been created with the appearance of human eye.

human eye camera

Researcher Marc Teyssier developed the Eyecam, a camera shaped like an eyeball, eyelashes and eyelids that moves and looks around.

According to the reports, the device replicates the movements of the ocular eye very precisely, it could even recognize the environment, as well as the people in front of it.

How does the Eyecam work?

The Eyecam has a sensor and lens webcam, which are surrounded by a silicone skull that allows the system to blink. It also has an eyebrow that is powered by six electrical circuits that provide movement, thus creating a greater similarity to the human eye.

“The circuit is controlled by an Arduino board and a Raspberry Pi Zero. It is an open source project, whose instructions can be downloaded from GitHub “

The research will be presented at the next ACM CHI Conference in 2021, which will focus on Human Factors in information systems.

The researcher working at the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory of the University of Saarland in Germany, explained that the webcam looking like human eye is a prototype that seeks to explore the designs that detection devices could adopt.

It is not a device out of reality, since cameras and sensors that monitor people’s movements are common today. They are present both in homes and offices and on public roads.

However, the researcher seeks to analyze the designs that could be applied in the future for this type of device as well as to rethink what other functions or aesthetics could have. However some people have called the Eyecam.

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