They create a shirt capable of charging a smartphone while wearing it

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Chinese researchers developed a lithium fiber t-shirt, which would allow phones to charge

One of the big problems with the constant use of mobile is that it is usually downloaded quickly and when you are on the street there is no way to charge your mobile to continue communicating.

For this reason, a T shirt what is capable of charge a smartphone while wearing it. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the garment is developed from a fiber that would be able to store enough electricity.

Researchers at Fudan University in China created a lithium ion textile fiber, which could be used to develop different storage garments.

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According to its developers, a “kilogram of this innovative material would have the capacity to store about 85.69 watt-hours (Wh)”

The T shirt It even surpasses the performance of a “battery of an iPhone 12 Pro Max, whose 228-gram battery has a capacity of 14.13 Wh, that is, 61.97 Wh per kilogram”.

The Researchers highlighted that fibers they continue to function even after being washed, bent, and even pierced with sharp devices. Everything within a temperature range between 20 and 60 degrees Celsius.

“They maintain approximately 90.5% of their original capacity after 500 complete charge and discharge cycles”

One of the tests that the T shirt to test its efficiency was to load an iPad and pass a cart over it, the charging process was not interrupted.

T shirt

It is a project that is still in testing, but its creators assure that it will be very useful in the smart clothing market. It is also expected to create other garments apart from the T shirt.

“For practical applications, we need high-performance fiber battery reels that can be woven into large-area textiles.”

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