They create a robot surgeon that can operate without human help

This surgeon robot managed to join two ends of the intestine in the first surgery without human help, they say it does it better than humans

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University, United States, created a robot surgeon which can operate without human assistance.

According to its developers the system star (Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot) is capable of performing a complicated and delicate operation on pigs cleanly and more precisely than humans.

“STAR is the first robotic system that plans, adapts and executes a surgical plan in soft tissue without human intervention”

robotic surgery

Over the years creators have shown that the robot surgeon he is capable of performing important surgical tasks as well or even better than human surgeons.

“What makes the STAR special is that it is the first robotic system that it plans. Adapt and execute a soft tissue surgical plan with minimal human intervention»

STAR operates four pigs with excellent results

According to information published in Science Robotics star is capable of autonomously performing complex soft tissue surgery in pigs laparoscopically, that is, performed only with small incisions.

“The procedure is known as a small bowel anastomosis and requires reconnecting the ends of an intestine”

This type of operation requires great delicacy and precision, since a small error can cause leaks, so the robot surgeon could be of great help.

“Working with soft tissue, as opposed to rigid structures like bone, is challenging for any surgeon. Since it may have to be adjusted on the fly if it moves around the body”


The soft tissue surgery it is especially difficult for robots due to their unpredictability, forcing them to be able to adapt quickly to deal with unexpected obstacles.

Until now star has passed the tests with great success by operating on four pigs, in none of which leaks were detected.

“Compared to data obtained from operations performed by humans, the team reported. STAR sutures and stitches were considered to be more precise and consistent”

Despite the great advances of robot surgeon, you will not be able to take over completely and will only be able to act as an assistant. However, it is a great advance as it could make surgeries safer.

“Autonomous robotic surgery systems could help treat patients outside of a normal hospital environment, for example in trauma situations on the way to the hospital”

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