They create a backpack that helps people with vision problems

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Developers from the University of Georgia designed a backpack that uses a space camera with an artificial intelligence processor and image processing technology.

Researchers at the University of Georgia created a bag with Artificial intelligence that allows to help people with vision problems.


According to its creators, the device allows to guide people with an ocular disability. Since it allows detecting obstacles and dealing with some road problems such as traffic signals, pedestrian crossings and different elevations.

The bag aims to give its user greater independence. Since it has a space camera with an artificial intelligence processor and image processing technology.

Features of the backpack with Artificial Intelligence

The bag it can be managed by voice commands. According to its developer Jagadish K. Mahendran, the idea came about after he was able to see how people with vision problems they need help to have a better life.

“When I met my friend Breean Cox, who is visually impaired, I was struck by the irony that while I had been teaching robots to see, there are many people who cannot see and need help. This motivated me to build the visual assistance system “

In the bag a small processing unit was incorporated that works like a laptop.

“The user will have to use a vest that has a camera and a fanny pack inside. Whose purpose is to hold a pocket battery capable of providing approximately eight hours of use “

vision problems backpack vision problems backpack

It has a special Luxonis OAK-D camera with a processor of artificial intelligence and Intel’s Movidius imaging technology.

The equipment provides a depth map in real time, so the images can be processed so that the user can move easily.

It also has bluetooth headsets that allow the user to interact with the system through voice commands that the system responds with verbal information.

As long as the person with vision problems moves down the street, the bag It sends you data on traffic signals, approaching pedestrians, slopes, entrances, stairs and obstacles that may be in the way.

The developers of the bag they plan to release it in open source, so that any research team can innovate on the system.

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