They are back! Blue macaw that inspired the movie ‘Rio’ is born

Surely on more than one occasion you have seen the animated film River, directed by Carlos Saldanha, which, in addition to being really fun and colorful, shows much of the natural beauty of species and nature. A clear example are Blue and Pearl, who represent the last two specimens of the blue macaw on the planet.

Rio, Blue and Perla, the last blue macaws on the planet - Hola Telcel blog

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And although it seems only fiction, the truth is that a few years ago the blue macaw was included in the list of extinct animals in its habitat. However, all is not lost, since it was recently announced that different scientific groups are working to restore the species, just as in River!

A baby blue macaw has been born

The Paraguayan Ornithologists and Allied Association managed to reproduce a captive specimen of the blue macaw with the purpose of generating a gene bank to repopulate the forests of Paraguay.

Baby blue macaw was born in Paraguay, a project to save the endangered species - Hola Telcel blog

With this, it is planned that within ten years the new specimens will be released into their natural habitat and that they themselves will be in charge of reproducing and saving their species.

“The idea is that, in five or ten years, we can release them and they will have their own habitat again.”

So is the blue macaw no longer extinct?

A species is categorized as “extinct” when there is no reasonable doubt that the last individual of the species has died. On the other hand, being listed as “extinct in nature” means that some survive in captivity. So the newborn macaw in Paraguay is hoping that the species will survive and will soon be released.

A blue macaw is born, the one that could save the entire species - Hello Telcel blog

Released in 2010, River it was a fundamental part of the effort to save the life of the blue macaw. This is because thanks to the popularity of the film, many organizations took it upon themselves to search for them and provide them with protection.

Blue and Pearl in Rio 2, last specimens of the blue macaw - Hola Telcel blog

For the blue macaw to stop being considered an “extinct in nature” bird, there is still a long way to go. So while the experts continue to rescue the species, you can enjoy River Y River 2 to the include Disney + in your current Telcel Plan and learn from the moving message of the film. #All in the same place.

Rio, Blue and Perla save the planet - Hello Telcel blog

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Have you ever imagined that the impact of an animated movie could save an endangered species? Surely Blue and Perla would be proud.

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