These are the new emojis that will arrive for iPhone

The catalog of emojis is renewed on mobile phones. Specifically, iPhone devices will welcome a new batch of emojis to send through social networks. Next, the new graphics that you will soon be able to find:

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What will be the new emojis available in the iOS 15.4 version of iPhone?

According to the portal Emojipedia, a new emoji update will be available from March or April 2022, within the first beta version of iOS 15.4.

In an effort to become more diverse and inclusive, Emojipedia anticipates that future additions include: the pregnant man Y person with crown. With this they underline the use of emojis of gender-neutral people or pregnancy among transgender men and non-binary people, although another possible interpretation would be “a person with a full stomach after a meal.”

“The pregnant man and the pregnant person are new and recognize that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people. These are additions to the existing pregnant woman emoji.”, He said Emojipedia.

In addition, it will also be possible to use 25 New Multiracial Takes On The Classic Handshake Emoji. Regarding the handshake emoji, Emojipedia It highlights that it would be the first time that Apple has enabled this type of emoji design within its original set of emojis, which stands out from other providers that only allow variations of a single skin tone, as well as its current selector.

In more accessions stand out a melted yellow face, a yellow face with hand on forehead as a military salute, other yellow face covered with hands, although with an eye peeking out, Y a yellow face with open eyes and hand over mouth.

Hand gestures also debut new forms: one hand to the left and one to the right, one hand palm up and one palm down, one with crossed index fingers and thumb, one with index finger pointing at someone and, of course, the famous heart that is formed by joining both hands.

There is also a variety of novel objects such as a mirror ball or disco ball, A crutch, A radiography, an uncharged battery, a glass pouring liquid, a bird’s nest, A tire, a slide Y some beans, among others.

Pregnant man, handshake, melted face are some of the new emojis that will be available in the iOS 15.4 version of iPhone- Blog Hola Telcel

It should be noted that these new emojis will only be available for iPhone devices and it is still unknown when they will be visible on Android. While waiting to be able to use them, remember that you will be able to enjoy these and more emojis thanks to unlimited social networks and Double the Gigs that your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan with the connectivity of #TelcelLaBestRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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