There will be advertising on Telegram! This is how it will work

The insertion of advertising in Telegram was rumored a few months ago, but today the platform made it official through a statement.

One of the most impressive improvements of the last Telegram update was that the number of viewers for the live videos will be unlimited. A feature that would add to the list of options that an artist or personality has to do massive events through the app, such as concerts, conferences and more.

Now that advertising on Telegram is a reality, the reason why it was urgent to have the option of reaching millions of people through virtual events is well known since the announcements will be made in these new spaces.

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How will advertising work on Telegram?

One of the concerns of users about advertisements is the annoyance of seeing them all the time or even interrupting communication. However, advertising on Telegram will only be in the streams live that people with channels of more than a thousand followers do.

In addition, the announcements will consist only of texts of 160 characters maximum that will appear in the large mass and public channels of Telegram. As explained in the blog post of the platform, by making advertising inserts exclusively in public channels, user data will not be analyzed – as happens on Facebook – when users publishers Target the people you want to reach with your ads.

Telegram announcements will be through public channels - Blog Hola Telcel

Another feature to highlight of advertising on Telegram is that they will not be able to include external links that take users to another platform or web page. It can only be advertising that takes them to a channel or bot within the app.

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The restrictions that will be in the Telegram advertisements

Advertising on Telegram is still in a trial period. However, as soon as it is available to all users, there will be a number of restrictions. Ads may not contain shocking content, violence, harassment, misleading advertising, political or election ads. As well as messages about gambling, misleading or harmful products, medical services and products or medicines, fast food, products of questionable legality, among other limitations.

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In addition to the fact that advertising on Telegram will not be seen in private chats, the owner of the platform, Pavel Durov, confirmed that users will be able to choose not to see any type of advertisement.

This is what we know so far, but as soon as more details are confirmed, such as the arrival of the announcements, we will tell you in Hello Telcel.

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