The xiaomi wifi amplifier pro WiFi repeater at a knockdown price

And one of the best models you can buy, the Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro Now it is with a discount of 68% so you can buy this interesting product at a bargain price.

Of course, you better hurry, since we are facing a flash offer from Gearbest which will be available for a limited time. And seeing that you will also enjoy free shipping costs, you have no excuse to improve your Internet connection for very little money.

A perfect WiFi repeater for your home

Using wifi repeaters in a socket

One of the most common problems related to Internet connection is that the signal does not reach every corner of your home. Either because you live in a multi-storey townhouse, and the WiFi signal no longer reaches the upper floors, or because in your house you have to have the router very far from where you want to connect, the solution is very simple: bet on a good WiFi repeater that provides a great Internet connection to your home.

And this is where the Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro comes in, one of the best-selling models on the market for its unbeatable value for money. And with the discount you have now, with more reason. A very complete product that will more than meet your needs.

We are talking about a model that boasts an imposing design, with matte black finishes that will make it look like never before. To this must be added the fact that this Xiaomi WiFi repeater has two external antennas that are capable of offering speeds that reach 300 Mbps, so it is clear that you will not have speed problems at all.

A really simple installation

Xiaomi WiFi Repeater Pro

It is very normal that you worry about the installation process of this Xiaomi WiFi repeater. But you can be very calm, since the Asian manufacturer has equipped its Amplifier Pro with a system so that in a few minutes you have it fully operational. You will only have to remove the Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro from its box, connect it to a power outlet and download the dedicated application so that your phone is linked with this WiFi repeater in order to configure it. It will take very little time!

And beware, although it is a figure that nobody will reach unless it is for professional use, this Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro repeater is capable of being used in a network of up to 64 units, to create a mesh system with an internet connection powerful and stable. Finally, we cannot forget about its system and automatic updates so that this Xiaomi WiFi repeater on sale is always working with the latest software. You won’t even notice that it has been updated!

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