The V-Party has arrived at Telcel! Release the team alive that you had expected

One of the best parts of the Christmas season is that any excuse is good to celebrate, have a good time and release what you have been waiting for all year. For that reason, Telcel has for you the V-Party, a special party, with seasonal promotions, where you have the opportunity to acquire the live equipment that you like the most at a special price.

All you have to do is join the V-Party, choose the smartphone I live that most goes with you, taking into account its qualities and characteristics, to finally release before Christmas and continue enjoying the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed ​​in Amigo Kit.

V-Party, discount season in smartphones alive!

vivo Y53s from: $ 7,499 to: $ 6,999 in Amigo Kit effective December 23, 2021

The alive Y53s It is perfect if you are looking for a smartphone that helps you capture the best moments in high-quality videos and photographs, this is because it has a triple 64 + 2 + 2 megapixel rear camera with which you will get photos of impeccable quality. These in turn have a depth and macro camera, to obtain even the smallest detail of each shot.

On the other hand, the camera system of the vivo Y53s has a night photography mode, with which you can take incredible photos even when the light is low or in very dark places. Not to mention, it also has an effect bokeh, the one in charge of blurring the background to achieve captures like a professional.

V-Party promotions vivo Y53s.- Blog Hola Telcel

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vivo Y33 from: $ 6,269 to $ 5,999 in Amigo Kit effective January 10, 2022

Another great option that you can release is the alive Y33, which has a 48 + 2 + 2 megapixel rear camera, with autofocus and bokeh effect, to capture your best photos or videos and store them in its memory of 128 GB of ROM, plus 500 MB of extended RAM.

Another of its characteristics is that it has a long-lasting battery and good performance to enjoy your favorite multimedia content without interruptions, which is complemented by its 6.58-inch FHD + screen.

V-Party promotions vivo Y33 in Telcel - Hello Telcel blog

vivo Y20 from: $ 4,999 to: $ 4799 in Amigo Kit effective December 23, 2021

Let yourself be captivated by I live Y20, which has an attractive design and amazing technology. One of its main qualities is its 6.51-inch HD + screen that provides an excellent visual experience. On the other hand, it offers an instant side unlock button, ideal to make it a much more practical phone. In addition, it has a 5000 mAh battery with artificial intelligence that will accompany you day and night.

V-Party promotions vivo Y20 in Telcel - Hello Telcel blog

vivo Y11 from: $ 3,999 to: $ 3,799 in Amigo Kit effective January 10, 2022

The I live Y11s was created for those who enjoy an elegant and stylish design, as it has soft and delicate edges that cover its 6.51-inch HD + screen, which provides a high-resolution perception to enjoy all kinds of multimedia content, such as movies, video games and social networks. In addition, it is ideal if you like to capture everything around you, since it has a 13 + 2 megapixel double camera and an 8 megapixel front camera.

V-Party promotions live Y11 in Telcel - Hello Telcel blog

The time to release is right here, just let yourself be amazed by the different options that the V-Party has for you. Choose your favorite live and live the best Christmas ever. 🥳

Meet the V.FRIENDS and be part of the V-PARTY 2021 live

We introduce you to Vigo, Zoey, DD and Jeek, the fun V.FRIENDS live.

The holidays are approaching and with them the opportunity to celebrate all the moments that have made us feel alive, those that have made us laugh out loud and those that we have shared with our friends. Today, I live and the V.FRIENDS – Vigo, Zoey, DD and Jeek – want to invite you to the V-PARTY, so that you can take advantage of all the discounts that Series Y have.

V.FRIENDS are fun characters, full of joy and lots of music that stand out for their unique personalities.

These friends, who live in V City, will be accompanying you and capturing the most special moments with you:

Vigo: It is a robot full of strength and energy. He is fearless and fascinated by superhero stories. He is the leader of the V.FRIENDS and is always in pursuit of V-City peace and justice.

Vigo character from V-Friends live - Hello Telcel blog

Zoey: She is quite a fashionista with natural beauty and a spectacular sense of fashion. Besides being addicted to selfies, is cheerful, sociable and likes to talk. He always wears a bunny costume that he wears perfectly.

Character Zoey from the V-Friends live - Hello Telcel blog

DD: He is the music lover of the group, so he always carries his headphones everywhere. His curiosity is unstoppable, he loves to play and is quite loud. He wants to be a great musician and his mouth is shaped like a button. play.

DD character of the V-Friends live at the V-Party.- Blog Hola Telcel

Jeek: He is the heir to a jelly company in V-City, so he wears a wig that Zoey gave him to avoid being recognized. Despite being shy, he is the most famous gamer in V-City and his love for video games is so great that his dream is to become the best programmer.

Character Jeek from the V-Friends live at the V-Party.- Blog Hola Telcel

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Join the V.FRIENDS to enjoy the first live V-PARTY from December 9 to January 10 and discover all the promotions and discounts that vivo and Telcel have.

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