The trick to record WhatsApp video calls

Have you had memorable moments during all the video calls you have made? Maybe yes; calls with your best friend, your mom or your grandpa. Because there are moments that deserve to be remembered, we tell you how to record WhatsApp video calls to immortalize those memories.

There are some existing options, but sometimes there is an error or the audios are cut off prematurely. In this case, this is how you can record the audio of those video calls.

how to record WhatsApp video calls

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Screen Recorder

In order to permanently save the moments you want to treasure, you will need to download a legitimate application: Screen Recorder. This way you will be able to maintain your privacy, besides being able to have your audio faithful to reality; just as it happened at the time of the call.

According to some opinions of Screen Recorder users, this app is one of the best that exists to record video calls. It does not have a watermark when recording, as well as being free.

how to record WhatsApp video calls

To be able to download it and use it effectively, you need your cell phone to work with the Android operating system, because so far it cannot be found in the iOS App Store.

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Once with your mobile, you must visit the Play Store and look for the app with its name.

To make it work and record your video calls, you will need to access the permissions so that it appears in a bubble and is selected when recording the screen is considered.

applications to record WhatsApp video calls

Best of all, you can record both individual and group calls. A fantastic option for interviews and the best moments.

Now you know how to treasure those moments and record WhatsApp video calls!

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