The summary of the life of Homer Simpson in a viral thread of Twitter

Apply phrases from The Simpson In various real-life situations, it’s a fan favorite of the show. The Adventures of the Springfield Family follows one of the most popular shows after three decades. This time it has become a trend once again thanks to a Twitter thread that summarizes the life of Homer Simpson.

The summary of the life of Homer Simpson in a viral thread of Twitter

Screenwriter Juan Damián Pardo has put together a thread on his Twitter account with Homer’s chronology, using skipped and non-linear flashbacks from the series.

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Here we leave you the most interesting these publications on Twitter:

This has been the life of Homer Simpson

His childhood

In the thread you will find the most important moments of Bart and Lisa’s father, for example the departure of their mother Mona, who joined a group of activists against Mr. Burns. The relationship with Grandpa Simpson has always been complicated but he has had memorable moments.

Marge comes into his life

Homer began his relationship with Marge when he was 19 years old and that same summer he meets his future neighbor, the religious Ned Flanders.

Homer Simpson’s family grew

He becomes Bart’s father at age 29, two years later Lisa arrives and in 1993 little Maggie Simpson, creating the “present” where most of the events of the series take place.

The future is “chaos” as the thread describes it. “Nothing beyond the present makes sense because for Homer it does nothing more than the present. Because he was born in it and will die in it. Always. Never ”he wrote.

Homer travels to space you think an important moment in the life of Homer Simpson was missing?

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