The story of the song that Verdaguer composed for Amanda Miguel

the singer-songwriter Diego Verdaguer He passed away in the city of Los Angeles, California, last Thursday at the age of 70. The first versions have indicated that this happened due to complications arising from covid-19. the thief is causing a furor again since Diego Verdaguer said goodbye to his beloved, Amanda Miguel, with a fragment of that song he composed for her.

Verdaguer Y amanda michael They crossed paths for the first time in 1975. Verdaguer He commented in an interview that he saw his future wife for the first time while waiting at a red light in his car. That is the minute in which their destinies would change forever, because from that moment they became inseparable.

Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer.  A love story that will be captured forever in the song 'La Ladrona'.-Blog Hola Telcel.

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the story of the song the thief

the thief it’s a total declaration of love, embellished with the joyous rhythm of the drums and the lilting bass line. Both instruments make their rhythm something completely harmonic. Verdaguer conveys the great love he felt for his wife through that song, to such an extent that he titled it I am alive.

The song was composed in Mexico by Diego Verdaguer, amanda michael and Graciela Carballo and, for many music lovers, it is the testimony of the great love story that the couple lived.

In October of last year, Diego He wrote the story about the song through his social networks, referring to it as a piece created from his own story and in which he tried to convey the strong youthful love that both artists experienced.

The song became number one in Mexico, Japan, Latin America, the United States and Europe. It was also re-released in a cumbia version with the voice of Diego Verdaguer and group instrumentation Cape Canaveral by Humberto Pavon. Listen to both versions of the thief and discover more music from Diego Verdaguer Y amanda michael in clear music with the connectivity of #TelcelLaBestRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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Diego’s last message is a declaration of eternal love

Hours before his death on January 27, the singer published through his social media accounts, which would be his last message.

I will never get tired of dedicating it to you! You are and will be the thief who stole my heart“. Mentioning in your message to the official account of Amanda Miguel. Followers of both singers were even more moved to learn that this would be the last message that Verdaguer would have launched on his social networks when his death was announced.

This was the last message that Diego Verdaguer published on social networks to his wife Amanda Miguel.-Blog Hola Telcel.

The followers of both shared their condolences with the singer through social networks, but were even more moved by the message ”Always love You”, which the singer published in response to the last post of Diego Verdaguer.

Amanda Miguel replies I will love you forever to Diego Verdaguer.-Blog Hello Telcel.

There is no doubt that their love will remain impregnated in the history of humanity and both will be remembered both for their relentless careers, and for the great love they felt for each other, which they transmitted to us through their beautiful songs.
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