The Simpsons: There will be a new movie and this is all that is known!

Even though the last few seasons of The Simpson They have not been the favorites of the fans, we are sure of something; this will always be one of the most iconic series in television history.

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Simpson family dancing in the living room

Best of all, with the acquisition of Disney, to Simpson family Many more projects await you, one of them; a second film soon to be released.

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The Simpsons: The Movie released in 2007 meant the closing of an era of the program; since after its launch the new seasons changed a lot, from comedy to special guests. With the arrival of the new film it is believed that the same will happen and there will be a new beginning of the Simpson family, this time belonging to Disney.

The Simpsons movie Homer and his pig

But what about this second movie? Here all the details. 👇

The second Simpsons movie will NOT be a sequel

As revealed by producer Al Jean a few months ago, the second film of this particular family will not be a sequel to the first installment. It will be a completely new story and probably with exclusive characters never seen before.

Disney is already working on it

With all the recent announcements from Disney and their upcoming Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars projects, very little has been said about The Simpson; but it is a fact that it is already being worked on. Of course, we will have to wait to know more details about it, since its production is at a very early age, where the script that will shape the entire film is still being worked on.

Simpsons movie new sequel part two

The Simpsons’ Disney debut

This second installment will not be the first Simpson family project within Disney as many believe. His debut was made a year ago with a short film starring Maggie which was presented prior to the premiere of Onward.

“Playdate with Destiny” is the name of this funny short, which is available on Disney +, as well as the last two seasons of the series. Hire it in your Telcel Max Play Plan or add it to your current plan! #All in the same place.

Maggie Simpson short film Disney

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Although there are few details of this second film, we are sure that Disney is taking it very seriously and we can expect big surprises soon. 😉

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