The real estate sector continues to bet on the digital world and wants you to buy a house without leaving the sofa

MADRID, April 20 (2021) –

Many Spaniards already make the purchase ‘online’ and use the ‘delivery’ services almost daily, but there are certain transactions that are still difficult to imagine in the digital world. The real estateAryan, in the process of transformation, wants to eliminate these barriers and presents technological tools with which the user can buy a house without leaving the sofa.

The Portuguese real estate company Zome Real Estate, which has just landed in Spain, wants to revolutionize this sector and assures that “with only two proprietary technological tools, any user will be able to book a home in Spain from any geographical point“.

It is about Zome Now, which allows reserving a property fully “online”; and Zome Go, a mobile application with which the user can start the sales process digitally. “You only need a deposit of 6,000 euros. With that amount, you can now reserve your future home through your smartphone ”, the company explains.

The Notary will act mixed, since it will issue a deposit agreement digitally, and there will only be meet in person to sign the deed. In addition, the Zome Go application has an automatic data integration that allows obtaining a reliable market study and “guarantees an acceleration and greater simplicity in the sales process”.

In this way, the company explains that the digital process (with a 360 degree experience through mobile device.) responds to the problems posed by the pandemic and, at the same time, to the lengthy bureaucratic procedures that often accompany these types of transactions.

The real estate agency trains its consultants to offer the best possible service, adapting to this digitization process that the sector is experiencing. “Zome is focused on expanding in Spain and it can be a great job opportunity for anyone who is interested in being an expert in selling properties through ‘online’“, Concludes the company.

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