The Mozilla Foundation suspended donations with cryptocurrencies after criticism from the project initiator

The Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit organization that publishes the Firefox web browser and other major projects, recently disclosed that it no longer accepts cryptocurrency donations after a huge backlash sparked in part by the main initiator of the Mozilla project, Jamie Zawinski.

And it’s January 3, “Jwz” attacked the corporation directly Mozilla through a tweet on Twitter for its decision to accept remittances in the form of digital currency Bitcoin, Ethereum and the famous meme-based Dogecoin, through Bitpay, to contribute to Mozilla’s services.

In his official Twitter post he says:

“Hi, I’m sure whoever runs this account has no idea who I am, but I founded @mozilla, and I’m here to say fuck you and fuck this. Everyone involved in the project should be terribly ashamed of this decision to partner with Ponzi scammers who incinerate planets.

“Last week, we recalled on Twitter that Mozilla accepts donations in cryptocurrencies. This has led to an important discussion on the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies ”,indicates the organization

It further adds that it will therefore “examine how its current policy on cryptocurrency donations corresponds to its climate goals. You will pause cryptocurrency payments during such review. In addition, he promised that this review would be a transparent process and that he would share regular updates. “

But nevertheless, Mozilla isn’t completely distancing itself from decentralized technologies like cryptocurrencies: “Decentralized web technology remains an important area for us to explore. »

Zawinski’s reaction in a blog post where he maintains his harsh criticism:

“I am happy for the role I was able to play in having them overturn this terrible decision. Not only is cryptocurrency an apocalyptic ecological disaster and even crazier pyramid scheme, it is also incredibly toxic to the open web – another ideal Mozilla used to endorse. «

»Hi @mozilla, I guess you don’t know me, but I designed Gecko, the engine your browser is based on. I’m 100% with Jawinski at this point. You were supposed to be better than that, “adds Peter Linss.

Mozilla’s decision follows Tesla’s decision to stop accepting bitcoins as a means of payment for the purchase of vehicles. The reason: to fight against global warming.

In fact, bitcoin is on the list of possible causes of power outages in Iran. If we consider the Bitcoin network as a country, then it consumes more electrical energy per year than Argentina as a whole. It is one of the biggest flaws dragged by the underlying network to the famous crypto currency.

The energy consumption of the Bitcoin network is not an error. It is linked to the token issuance mechanism. In cryptocurrency lingo, the process is known as mining. The main problem with this transaction validation method it is his cumbersome operation. The proof of work, which requires a global consensus of all nodes on the blockchain, requires a considerable amount of energy. This algorithm asks each node to solve a cryptographic puzzle.

This puzzle is solved by miners who participate in a kind of competition from which the winner comes out with a reward in bitcoins. This reward is given to a miner when he finds the hash that will allow the creation of a new block. But finding this hash becomes more and more complicated and requires the use of an increasing number of machines.

This is the reason why some are building mining farms, hence the successive posts that report significant consumption from ‘Bitcoin country’.

To date, it consumes 121.36 TWh per year, according to the analysis of the University of Cambridge. This consumption should be revised upwards in the future if we take into account that an increase in the price of the cryptocurrency leads to an increase in the energy required for mining. Greenhouse gas emissions from the operation of the Bitcoin network will increase. It is because of the importance of this consumption that its detractors believe that “bitcoin does not provide a real service to humanity. »


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