the most advanced and powerful model on offer

More and more households already have a robot vacuum cleaner that allows them to always have the floor of the house clean. In this area, we can find a lot of models from different manufacturers, robots that can sweep, vacuum, mop or mop, that offer a remote control or that map our house for a more efficient navigation and cleaning. The Roomba and Conga are undoubtedly the most popular, but the truth is that the Asian manufacturer Xiaomi It has an interesting catalog with models that face the all-powerful Roomba and at a much more attractive price. If you are thinking of buying one, now you have one of the new Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robots at an irresistible price.

Most powerful and advanced Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

We refer to Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum Mop 2 Pro +, a model presented this year 2021 and which is considered the most advanced and powerful of the Asian manufacturer. This robot has been improved and has better performance than its predecessors. So much so that it has a suction power of 3,000 Pa, which together with a wider suction mouth and a high-density fiber brush makes the cleaning result very optimal.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum Mop 2 Pro + offer

A robot that offers up 4 suction speeds that we can program according to the type of cleaning that we want to carry out at all times and that it is capable of recognizing all kinds of objects that are in its path. Its large 5,200 mAh battery makes this Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro + have a 180 minute autonomy in standard speed mode, more than enough time to clean an area of ​​approximately 240 square meters. Now, the autonomy is reduced if we increase the speed.

This forward-thinking and powerful model features a 550ml reservoir for solids capacity and a 250ml water tank, since it is a model that is also capable of scrubbing. In this case, the scrubbing mode has an electronically controlled intelligent system that allows to regulate the amount of water used to prevent the water flow from being high and we can damage the floor if it is made of wood.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum Mop 2 Pro + on offer

The official price of this Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum Mop 2 Pro + robot vacuum cleaner is 429 euros, a more than adjusted price if we compare it with other models with similar benefits and that we can now buy at an incredible price. This is thanks to the discount applied by Amazon of 14% which represents a savings of 60 euros on your purchase. This makes its final price of 369 euros, which makes it one of the most interesting robot vacuum cleaners below 400 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum Mop 2 Pro + 3D mapping

A model whose delivery time is only a couple of days and that has dimensions of 35.3 x 35 x 8.1 cm and 4.7 kg. A robot that has 3D VSLAM navigation that allows a very price mapping and that also has S-cross 3D technology to avoid all kinds of obstacles with incredible precision, almost as if it were an autonomous vehicle.

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