‘The Marvels’: The sequel to ‘Captain Marvel’ hides a surprise

It was recently confirmed that the official title of Captain Marvel 2 will be The marvels. However, the name left many doubts in the air, so now the surprise behind this new film has been revealed.

Captain Marvel sequel to be called the Marvels

Why did you change the title of the Captain Marvel sequel?

So far it is known that the new name is due to the fact that Carol Damvers’ character, Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, will not be the only protagonist. Joining the film is Ms. Marvel, also known in the comics as Kamala Khan, who will be played by Iman Vellani. Another character will be Photon, better known after her appearance in WandaVision as Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), daughter of an old friend of Damvers.

According to Screenrant, the use of the name by the UCM is a way of reflecting that Carol, Monica and Kamala are given equal importance.

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What is the surprise that hides The marvels?

Do you remember the scene from Avengers: Endgame in which the Marvel superheroes meet to face Thanos? That is where the theory of a project starring the female characters of the UCM arose. With The marvels, this idea could materialize, that is, that the sequel to Captain Marvel would be the beginning of a new team.

The Marvels will have three protagonists
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For example, Kamala Khan will soon have her series on Disney +, which will show how the girl of Muslim origin obtains great powers after a strange dream.

When it premieres The marvels?

The film will be released until November 11, 2022, so, without a doubt, there are still many more surprises to discover about its plot. Remember that while you can enjoy Captain Marvel and the new Marvel series on Disney +, Contract it with a charge to your current Telcel Plan! #All in the same place

What other characters do you think will be integrated into the story?

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